We are located at 115 North Broadway directly across from the Tecumseh City Hall, Tecumseh Public Library and next door to Bob's Barber Shop.
Most of the classes are $35.00 while some specialty classes will have additional costs.
There are several ways to book classes. You can click book it now on the website. You can also call the gallery at 405-441-0579 and book it over the phone with a credit card.
Take loose comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting paint on. We do have aprons.
We will provide soft drinks and general snacks. If you have any special dietary needs you may want to bring your own. Private parties can make special requests for food and drinks.
Everything you need to complete a project will be provided. All you need to bring is yourself and a friend! However if you have something of sentimental value you want to add to the project you may bring it.
We believe that art should be available to everyone and that is why the second Saturday of every month is our “free" community art day. Your donation helps to provide supplies and instructors for this free community event. Click the “Donate“ button to help foster a bond between the community and support the arts in Tecumseh and Pottawatomie County.
Yes, we can do most any type of event you can imagine. It must be no more than 15 people and a simple layout on paper of your event idea and theme.” We will do the rest. If interested please call us at 405-441-0579 or e-mail us at miytecumseh@gmail.com”

Prices are per person and depend on complexity of event. We also cater the foods of your desire, such as finger food, cake for wedding, or shower or reception refreshments. You tell us what you want and WE will make it happen from set up to tear down………… You can even give us your guest list and we’ll send out your event idea and theme!
Just call us at 405-441-0579 and we’ll work out the details!” Easy and Painless!!!!